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Port Information

Larne Port operates a Vessel Traffic Services – Traffic Organisation Service, which is manned 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

Vessels calling into Larne are required to send their pre-arrival notifications in line with MSN 1831 Ships and Ports notification and reporting requirements.

All vessel will give their ETA to Larne in Local Time and call Larne VTS on VHF Channel 11, at least 1 hour before the South Hunter Buoy.

Vessels requiring a pilot shall give Larne VTS at least 2 hours notice of their ETA.

Pilot services are provided by Belfast Lough Pilot Services, the pilot will board 1 Nautical Mile from Larne 1 Buoy.

Vessels requiring towage will give at least 24 Hours notification. All towage will have to be arranged by the ship’s agent.

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