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Port Information

Port Information:

Port Information – 2022

Updated Flyer – Belfast Lough and North Channel

Latest survey charts:

PL230809 Layout1

PL230809 Layout 2

PL230809 Layout3

PL230809 Layout4

PL230809 Layout5

PL230809 Layout6

PL230809 Layout7

PL230809 Curran Quay – 1m grid

PL230809 Continental Quay – 1m grid


Larne Port – Tidal Predictions :

LARNE_2023 TIDES_HW & LW – 4 months per page


Other documents:

Tidal Flows – Larne  at Neap tides.

Larne Visitors Safety Poster

Seafarers Port Information Leaflet – Larne

2022 Passage Plan – Larne Port

Topographical features of interest and notable Landmarks.docx


Accident & Incident Reporting

Mariners are required to report any accident, incident or near miss caused by or observed by his vessel, completing and sending one of the below forms to LPC ( and/or the Harbour Master.


Mariners are advised that it is an offence under The Merchant Shipping (Accident Reporting and Investigation) Regulations 2012, Regulation 19 not to report an accident or provide the information required without reasonable cause.

Additionally, all marine casualties and marine incidents must be notified to the MAIB as soon as practicable by the quickest means available (see ‘MGN 564(M + F) on When and How to Report’).



Useful Links

MSN 1899 (M+F) Vessel traffic monitoring notification and reporting requirements for ships and ports – GOV.UK (

CERS workbook