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Pilotage at  Larne Port

The Port of Larne (Pilotage Functions) Order 2002 authorised Larne Harbour Limited to be the Competent Harbour Authority for Larne Port within the meaning of the Pilotage Act 1987. As the Competent Harbour Authority, Larne Harbour Limited subsequently gives Pilotage Directions  (See Pilotage Manual below) to the Masters of vessels in the Larne Pilotage District, in accordance with its powers under Section 7 of the 1987 Act.

In order to maintain and enhance safety of navigation within the Larne Harbour statutory harbour area, it is important that Masters and watchkeepers are aware of current Larne Port’s local legislation, Byelaws, Directions and Notices to Mariners. It is therefore vital that owners and agents ensure that all such relevant information and publications are promptly distributed to vessels, or at least referred to the Port’s website where such documents are available.

It is the duty of the Master of a vessel to which a Pilotage Direction applies to comply with that Direction. Failure by the Master of a vessel to comply with a general direction or special direction may render him/her guilty of an offence and subsequently liable under Section 15 of the Larne Harbour Order (NI) 1998. However, it is a defence for the Master of a vessel to prove that he had reasonable grounds for supposing that compliance with the Direction in question would be likely to imperil his vessel or that in the circumstance’s compliance was impracticable.

Mariners are reminded that all communications with Larne Port Control, CCTV and radar images may be recorded in the Larne Port Control.

Pilotage Directions

For pilotage directions at Larne Port, please refer to the latest version of the Port’s Pilotage Manual which contains not just pilotage directions, but also regulations to the directions.

Pilotage Manual – Issue 6

Suspend Directions

The Harbour Master may temporarily suspend any of these Directions from time to time without notice as, in his opinion, may be necessary.

Advanced Local Knowlede for Pilots and PEC Holders

Pilots and PEC Holders – as well as LPS Operators, Pilot Boat Coxwains and regular tug skippers – are required to undertake a “Advanced Local Knowledge” Course (see below), upon which they will be examined by the Harbour Master.

Advanced Local Knowledge V2

At Larne Port we operate a zero tolerance policy to substandard Pilot Ladders and Pilot boarding arrangements.

The embarkation and disembarkation of pilots guide


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