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PMSC and Marine Safety

Port Marine Safety Code Compliance

Compliance Letters PMSC MCA 210316


Marine Navigational Safety Policy

In compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), Larne Port and Port of Cairnryan Ltd. (POCL) will discharge their statutory and general duties in relation to the safety of navigation within their areas of jurisdiction, and is committed to developing policies and procedures to satisfy the requirements of the PMSC


This policy will be reviewed again within the next 3 years. This MSN Policy reflects the PMSC and is reflected in our Marine Safety Plan.

Marine Safety Plan

Our 3 yearly Marine Safety Plan sets out how the port seeks to fulfil those responsibilities listed in the MSN Policy, as well as associated KPI’s which are listed within the below Compliance Matrix. The Compliance Matrix, similarly provides an assessment of the port’s performance against the plan’s objectives:

LHL Marine Safety Plan and Performance Matrix – 2024 to 2026

AtoN AvailabilityAvailability report 2021-2023


Marine Safety Management System (MSMS)

Marine Safety Management System – Larne

In addition to the above Marine Navigational Safety Policy, being an integral part of the P&O Holdings Group, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of DP World, direction and commitment from the Duty Holder are provided in the below policies:

POF Divisional Holdings HSE Policy 2024

DP World GHSE Policy Sept 2023


Other documents associated with the MSMS

Marine Services Manual – Issue 7 web

DP_Contact_Information 2022-23



Local Legislation: 

Port of Larne (Pilotage Functions) Order 2002

Larne Harbour Order (Northern Ireland) 1998

Larne Harbour By-laws Curran Pier 1947

Larne Harbour Bye laws re Petroleum and Carbide 1956 and 1934 respectively

Larne Harbour Bye-laws (1876) in pursuance of the Explosives Act 1875

Harbours Act (Northern Ireland) 1970

Pier and Harbour Order (Larne Harbour) Confirmation Act (Northern Ireland) 1936

Marine Licensing (Exempted Activities) Order (Northern Ireland) 2011

The Dangerous Vessels (Northern Ireland) Order 1991

Explosives in Harbour Areas Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995

But see also the following National and International legislation that are of relevance:

  • Pilotage Act 1987
  • Marine Navigation Act 2013
  • Harbour Docks and Piers Act 1847
  • Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016
  • Port Marine Safety Code and it’s Guide to Good Practice
  • International Convention on Oil Spill Preparedness
  • Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003