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Marine Safety Policy


To regulate and facilitate the exercise of the rights of all vessels navigating the port and its environs such that they may do so without danger to life or property, and without harm to the environment.

To secure the long-term viability and improvement of the port by operating safely, efficiently, economically and in a manner which safeguards the environment.


 Marine Safety Policy Statement

In order to discharge its duties in compliance with the standards laid down by the Port Marine Safety Code the port undertakes to:

  • Manage the safety of navigation for all port users based on a system of formal risk assessments, ensuring that risks are kept as low as reasonably practicable
  • Comply with all legal duties and responsibilities for the regulation of vessel traffic and the safety of navigation
  • Develop a consensus for safe navigation through consultation with port users
  • Maintain and sustain the commercial use of the port, upholding and promoting the rights of Masters, ship owners and other shipping and marine interests to ply their respective trades
  • Maintain access to port services, by resourcing appropriate pilotage, traffic management, towage, and mooring service
  • Facilitate the leisure use of the port, maintaining and protecting the rights of the public to access its waters for leisure use, whilst complying with the various navigational safety measures that may be in force.
  • Sustain its conservancy functions in respect of hydrographic surveying, navigation, dredging and the provision and maintenance of navigational aids
  • Remove sunken vessels and other obstructions that are, or may become, an impediment to safe navigation
  • Promulgate relevant navigational and tidal information to all port users
  • Create awareness and motivation of all port users with respect to safety and the protection of the environment
  • Publish and maintain plans to cover emergency situations relating to the safety of life, property or the environment
  • Maintain an appropriate oil spill response capability
  • Ensure that all Port of Larne operational staff are trained to recognised standards and have appropriate experience for their roles and duties.



To see the Larne Port Compliance report, Marine Safety Management System Compliance report 2018