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Cairnryan – Marine and Commercial Information

The Port of Cairnryan is leased out to P&O Ferries Limited, who run a ferry service to Northern Ireland.

General Cargo vessels up to a length of 115m and with a maximum draft of 4.5m can be accommodated in the port.

Any enquiries should be directed to P&O Ferries Port Manager or Harbour Master via the ‘mail icon’ on this web-pages header. However, Schedule of Rates and Terms and Conditions for Cairnryan generally reflect those for Larne (See Commercial Information- Larne)

Latest soundings chart of POCL :  PC230523 Shoal A1 Layout1 1-1000

Passage Plan  ; Passage Plan Entering and Departing from Port of Cairnryan – May 22

Reporting requirements for ferriesFinal Loch Ryan Summary of Agreements 2016


All vessels visiting the Port of Cairnryan are required to report in accordance with MSN 1899 (see link below):


Accident & Incident Reporting

Mariners are required to report any accident, incident or near miss  caused by or observed by his vessel, completing and sending one of the below forms to LPC ( and/or the Harbour Master.


Mariners are advised that it is an offence under The Merchant Shipping (Accident Reporting and Investigation) Regulations 2012, Regulation 19 not to report an accident or provide the information required without reasonable cause.

Additionally, all marine casualties and marine incidents must be notified to the MAIB as soon as practicable by the quickest means available (see ‘MGN 564(M + F) on When and How to Report’).