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Cairnryan – Marine Information

The Port of Cairnryan is leased out to P&O Ferries Limited, who run a ferry service to Northern Ireland.

General Cargo vessels up to a length of 115m and with a maximum draft of 4.5m can be accommodated in the port.

Any enquiries should be directed to Larne Port General Manager or Harbour Master using the contact form on this website.


Latest soundings chart of POCL :  PC220620 A1 Layout1 1-1000

Passage Plan  ; Passage Plan Entering and Departing from Port of Cairnryan – May 22

Marine Safety Management SystemPOCL SMS 2022



Marine Safety Plan : Marine Safety Plan – POCL – 2021 to 2023(merge)

DP Contact details : DP_Contact_Information 2022-23

Enforcement and Prosecution Policies ; POCL – Enforcement Policy and Prosecution Policy – Aug 22


Local Legislation

Port of Cairnryan (Harbour Empowerment) Order 2007

Scottish Marine Bill Sept 09

But see also the following National and International legislation that are of relevance:

Harbour Docks and Piers Act 1847

Harbours Act 1964

Dangerous Vessels Act 1985

Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016

Marine Navigation Act 2013

Port Marine Safety Code and it’s Guide to Good Practice

International Convention on Oil Spill Preparedness