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Health & Safety


Larne Port Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Policy


Larne Port’s first priority is the safety of its customers and people. We have developed a safety culture to ensure their safety and security is maintained whilst in our care.


The General Manager, Roger Armson, champions this policy; his responsibility is to ensure that managers have the commitment, competence and belief to implement this policy and achieve its aims. The support and professionalism of our people will make this policy succeed.


Recognising that our activities matter to the community, our customers and people and to others who may be affected by what we do, we are committed to;


  • Leadership and Accountability Demonstrating our safety culture and safety performance through exemplary and inspirational leadership and by setting measureable and achievable targets. We will identify responsibilities at all levels.


  • Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy Seeking continuous improvement in our health, safety and environmental policy, practice and performance by increased awareness of human factors in safety and environmental issues.


  • Risk Management Identifying hazards, controlling work related risk, providing equipment that is safe to use and safe systems of work, to provide safe and healthy workplaces as core elements of our strategy.


  • Crisis Management Developing contingency plans which enable us to reduce the risk of an accident or incident occurring and reduce the consequences of any accident or incident which does occur.


Additionally, we are committed to the following supporting actions;


  • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Striving to achieve zero reportable accidents or incidents and whenever accidents and incidents do occur, investigate to identify the root cause and implement suitable control measures to prevent re-occurrence


  • Instruction, Training and Supervision Inducting and training our people and sub-contractors to meet the needs of our company and customers whilst working safely.


  • Effective Communication Communicating effectively with our people, customers, contractors and suppliers and with others affected by our operations and taking account of the views expressed.


  • Promulgating Learning Events Encouraging transparency and openness in sharing learning events following an accident or incident and focusing upon lessons to be learned rather than apportioning blame, whilst maintaining responsibilities within a “just culture”.


  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress Constantly monitoring and reporting progress to our Board of Directors on our health, safety and environmental performance via our Safety Committee, and the Company’s participation within the Health, Safety, and Environmental Committee (CoHSEC) quarterly.


This policy will be subject to regular consultation and annual review.


Roger Armson

General Manager